The Guardian's 100 best albums of the 21st century so far

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Yes, yes, these are always entirely subjective, and there's always an element of "Why isn't X there?!", but I'm a sucker for these sorts of things. All in all it's a fairly decent list I reckon; I think 2 of my choices for that title have made it into the top 10 (LCD's Sound of Silver and Frank Ocean' Blonde). There are lots of artists who I think should be represented, but then I realise that their best albums were all pre-2000. Time is funny like that. There's also lots of albums on there that I'd almost forgotten how good they are until reminded of them in this context (the no.1 choice being a perfect example - overplayed everywhere at the time, but with distance and fresh ears, good God it sounds incredible).

It would have been nice to see BoC represented (Geogaddi most likely), if only because of how quietly influential they've been to the music culture and aesthetics of the last 10 years or so (how many of us have teenage relatives who post selfies with washed out/Polaroid filters online?) - Hip hop and R&B have definitely borrowed a lot of their sort of sound I think; although maybe it's a case of inspiration coming from the same sort of sources...

PS - Hello! Haven't been around here for ages :D

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Felt it was an OK list. The Guardian are pretty poor on covering electronic music, outside of pop, hip hop and R&B so I wasn't surprised at the lack of anything BoC or Warp. I think the closest we get to that is Portishead 'Third'. In contrast, Kanye only has to cough and it automatically gets a place on their list. Good to see Frank Ocean placed so highly though.

I was more disappointed by their film list - 'This Is England', 'Arrival' and 'Moon' would all have been in or close to my top ten and they're nowhere to be seen. Can't fault their number one choice though.

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I can't believe they didn't put any of my albums on the list. What gives, The Guardian ?

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I haven't heard much from this list, but I want to try a lot of these albums from Kanye, Daft Punk, Radiohead, White Stripes, Janelle Monae, etc. I was happy to see The Fame on there, that album brings so much nostalgia after hearing it along with The Fame Monster a lot from my sister and mom back in 2009. Lots of fun memories! Lady Gaga has never peaked since that era.

ANTI I remember rating a few years back and was mixed on it, it did make me discover Same Ol Mistakes was a cover of the Tame Impala track off Currents, which I was aware of its awesome singles the year before so I'm not sure why I heard Rihanna's first. It made me think it was her production at first. I always loved Work's production and found it to be a catchy tune, even if I know a lot of people who hate the song itself.

Lemonade is fucking boring. I much prefer Beyoncé's sound in the 2000's over her stripped down sound this decade. I bet self-titled is more of the same. I'm a sucker for 7/11 though I don't think that's not even featured in the album, probably a bonus track or single a year later. 1989 and Taylor Swift in general I'm not a fan of either.

Very surprised to see Dizzee Rascal and The Streets that high. I LOVE Boy in Da Corner and I want to try out Original Pirate Material since I have a friend who loves it a lot and I heard a song off of it that I remember loving.
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I was happy to see the Avalanches and that was about it. I'd put programmed to love by Bent on that list too as well as Geogaddi and Bibio's Ambivalence Ave. But I almost never agree with these lists anyway.

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